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November 2021

What a whirlwind October was!! Can it be November already? 

Our Halloween Parties were a busy, fun success. Thank you to all families who participated! We loved seeing everyone getting into the spirit of Halloween. Keep an eye out on Facebook page for our Halloween pictures! 

Winter clothing

With outdoor play and colder weather warm coats, hats, and mittens become a MUST. In order to ensure that all of your child’s belongings return home at dismissal time, we ask that you label everything with either your child’s initials or name. Many children may own the same winter attire, and this will make finding theirs much faster. 


*If you have not already done so, please include a reusable water bottle with your child’s bag. We want to extend our thanks to everyone who already brought in a reusable water bottle with their child each morning. Reusable water bottles help reduce our waste and conserve the environment!


Jameson - book donation

Lyla - carrot donation


Have you signed up for REMIND yet? Remind is a free, safe and secure way to communicate via text message! Remind allows Adventure Hours to quickly send out reminders and notices to all parents at once. 

To join, text @ccranston to (226) 271-1104.

If you haven’t already, join us on Facebook! We regularly post fun pictures, as well as the newsletter and calendar!  

Holiday Closure

Our last day of programming for 2021 will be Friday, December 17th. We will reopen for programming on Monday, January 4th, 2022.


With winter comes colds and flu. If you feel that your child is not well enough to attend their session, please call Miss Shelley and keep them home.  In cases of contagious illnesses, we ask that you inform the Nursery School immediately so we can let other parents know. 

*Please ensure we have updated contact information in the event your child becomes ill while at Nursery School. 

Weather Alerts

Due to unpredictable weather, listen to CKSY, check our Facebook page, check on REMIND or call the Nursery School for any potential closures. 

Please continue to Screen your child prior to arrival as this provides a smooth transition for our children. 


Upcoming Events to Look Forward to:

Daylight Savings Ends (set your clock BACK):

 Sunday, November 7th

Happy November!


The Staff at Adventure Hours, 

Miss Shelley, Miss Michelle, 

    Miss Stephanie